Become a volunteer!

Would you like to obtain catering experience?

Happietaria is searching for volunteers!

To make Happietaria Wageningen a big success this year as well, we are dependent of you as a volunteer. We are searching for a lot of people for the kitchen, service, bar, dishes and preparations. So take your friends and fellow students with you and help an evening for charity! Signing in can be done below.

If you want to help with the preparations of the dinner and make the restaurant ready you are expected to be there in the afternoon. This shift will take from 2 PM until 5 PM. If you want to help in the evening you can choose between doing the service, the bar, the dishes and helping in the kitchen. As a volunteer in the service you serve the food and drinks for the visitors (catering experience is not obligatory). Behind the bar you are responsible for the drinks of the visitors, which will be served by the service volunteers. In the kitchen you help with preparing the dinners. With these tasks you start at 5 PM until 11 PM (if you can come one shift, until 8 PM, please write it down at Remarks when you sign in).

For further questions you can sent an email to Besides that of course you are welcome to come and eat with your friends and fellow students! Please sign in as a volunteer as soon as possible and we hope to see you at Happietaria!

Date Role (Number of people needed)