Happietaria Management Team

The Happietaria Management Team  makes sure that all aspects of the Happietaria are properly organized. This is done with the committees which are supervised by one or two HMT members. The HMT gathers every week to make sure the communication between the committees is optimal.

This year the HMT consists of 7 enthusiastic students from different Christian student associations. We all have a very different field of study and interests which results in a very divers team which complements each other.

We want to  create awareness for the project the money is raised for. Apart from that, we also want to focus on three other subjects we find important in the restaurant. This year we want to work on the themes of professionalism, creativity and sustainability.  We want to create professionalism by the atmosphere in the restaurant and a good price/quality balance for the guests. We are a very enthusiastic team and we want to transfer this enthusiasm to our staff and to the guests.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Happietaria,

Kind regards,

HMT Wageningen 2017